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Classroom Technology Integration with Microsoft Office

EDUC 600

Discover ways to integrate technology into your class room through the use of Microsoft Office.   P-12 teachers are further encouraged as they learn new ways to increase student achievement in the classroom.  All educators will find new ways to reach student with special needs as well as useful projects that can be used to meet educational and technology objectives and help students’ master content area learning standards.   Microsoft Office is a tool that is indispensable when planning and creating lesson plans and instructional delivery.  Upon completion, educators will have additional tools and knowledge to create effective formative and summative assessments as well as creative and innovative classroom materials.  This course is designed to learn Microsoft Office by using the internet as a learning tool.


  • Research Youtube for 10 different training videos that pertain to the assignment and are from a reliable source.  What is reliable?  Consider the source, grammar, spelling, video and sound quality, but all these aside, does it work for you?
  • Search Microsoft Help on 5 different topics that pertain to the assignment, are advanced (meaning you do not know how to do this activity now) and write paragraph which reflect your higher level of learning for each topic.  How does this make you a better teacher, learner, person?
  • Use Microsoft Word as a teaching tool by revising a current teaching/learning application.  Use Youtube, Microsoft Help and me as your resources.  The “New” teaching tool must incorporate the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) standards and five new-to-you Word enhancements.  You might consider a unit plan, a lesson plan, a worksheet, formative or summative assessment or any other document you use for planning or instruction.  This document needs to be at least a full page in length and both the original and the “New” tool are required
  • Know the 6 NETS and Performance Indicators for Teachers by reflecting on how your “New” teaching tool meets each of the 6 standards.  Write one paragraph which summarizes your integration of each standard into your “New” teaching tool

Upon completion of this course the student will:

  • Value the role of technology standards
  • Appreciate the worth of on-line resources
  • See Microsoft Office as an important technology resource


The required viewing is found on www.youtube.com, Microsoft Help and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and Performance Indicators for Teachers

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