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Information Literacy & Research

EDUC 600

Information Literacy, what is it? How does it relate to research? Why is Information Literacy important? Who uses Information Literacy skills? Information Literacy and Research will focus on finding and evaluating reliable sources for student research. We will explore and compare searching the Internet and searching the library subscription databases. We will discuss searching techniques, source citations, information types, and plagiarism. Searching skills and online library resources will have a practical application to your classroom instruction and provide your students with reliable information to use for school research.


  • Participants will learn how needed information is found, evaluated and used in academic research, consumer decisions, on the job, and for decision making in a democratic culture. 
  • Participants will learn effective searching techniques for the Internet, and the subscription databases (Online Library Resources).
  • Participants will learn how to incorporate these resources in their classroom instruction, student assignments, and their own professional development.

Required Materials:

A jump drive containing digital handouts and Lesson Plan template will be provided by instructor. Students can keep the jump drive and save a copy of their project.