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Autism in Your Classroom

EDUC 600

This course is a guide for teachers helping students in the classroom who are perceived to be on the Autism Spectrum.  The emphasis will be on academic, social, and cognitive studies.


As a result of participation in this course, participants will:

1.   Develop an understanding about autism and the autistic spectrum disorders.

2.   Understand the behavior and learning characteristics of autistic spectrum students.

3.   Review the academic approaches and instructional strategies used in helping autistism spectrum students.

4.   Learn of the inclusive classroom and the teacher’s capacity along with other staff’s role in the support of autistic students.

5.   Be apprised of the daily struggles of autistic spectrum students.


Autism in Your Classroom: A General Educator's Guide to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Topics in Autism)

The required text is:  Fein, D. & Dunn, M. (2007). Autism in your classroom. MD: Woodbine House.  Textbook can be order from http://www.amazon.com