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Educating our Future

EDUC 600

This course reviews the influences of historical American education and the current program and discusses a new model whereby the child works at his own level with his own needs and attributes, utilizing flexibility with individualized lesson plans and the Internet with the teacher as guide.


As a result of participation in this course, students will:

1.   Be alerted to the historical shortfalls in teaching and learning and be encouraged to learn new ways and methods.

2.   Learn the importance of the students getting information on subject matter, learning the terms, vocabulary and content of the subject so a comprehensive understanding may be obtained.

3.   Learn how students can use individual talents and individual flexibility in regard to assignments and collaborate with fellow students for knowledge and insight.

4.   Learn about new concepts …  flip the classroom, virtual communication, nonlinear path and other technological advances to aid in learning.


What Does it Mean to Be Well Educated? And Other Essays on Standards, Grading, and Other Follies

The required text is: Alfie Kohn, (2004). What Does It Mean To Be Well Educated?  MA: Beacon Press. Please order textbook from http://www.amazon.com