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Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom

EDUC 600

This course will provide teachers with information and resources that will help them move their teaching and classroom into the 21st Century where students, digital natives, are learning through technology.  Participants will learn about the Digital Information Age and its relevance to learning.  The course will focus on learning, building and using tools and online resources that will benefit students.


As a result of participation in this course, students will:

  • Understand the relevance and integration of technology on students in the 21st century.
  • Understand Digital Information Age vocabulary.
  • Learn about new tools, wikis, blogs, Web 2.0 Desktop Software for collaboration, communication and creation.
  • Learn about peripheral apparatuses as Electronic Interactive Whiteboard, Digital Still and Video Cameras.
  • Learn about instructional strategies for teaching and learning through Virtual Field Trips, Online Mentors and Experts.
  • Learn what’s available and where to find technical assistance to access help and information.


Leading 21st-Century Schools: Harnessing Technology for Engagement and Achievement

The required text is: Schrum, L. & Levin, B. ((2009). Leading 21st century schools. CA: Corwin. Textbook can be ordered from http://www.amazon.com