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You’ve Got Male: Helping Boys in Crisis Succeed in School

EDUC 600

Currently, more boys than girls in the classroom chronically under-perform, receive a disproportionate number of lower grades, are vastly overrepresented in special education, and score more poorly on state tests. They particularly score the lowest in reading, writing, and language arts.

Teach boys successfully with these strategies and methodologies for setting up school environments. Review the latest research about the male brain, as well as study new techniques for helping boys’ minds grow and learn.  The focus of the class is on providing practical help for teachers in adapting the classroom environment to fit the boy’s learning styles and needs.

Address why boys struggle, as well as ways to reverse this trend in schools by discovering strategies to keep them actively engaged in classroom activities, finding techniques for increasing their commitment to school success, and developing tools for helping them deal with the unique social and emotional problems they face in school. Specific focus will be given to student achievement.


As a result of this participation in this course, students should be able to:

  • Develop a solid foundation of the theoretical base with underlying principles and concepts regarding the educational needs of males and apply that knowledge to the classroom.
  • Possess a further understanding of the male brain in order to establish equity when creating classroom activities and lessons.
  • Know, understand and have mastered recommended teaching strategies intended to modify the classroom learning environment and methodologies to meet the needs of the targeted males while continuing to meet resulting gender equity issues.
  • Understand and apply strategies to enhance the reading and writing skills of boys.
  • Become a resource within their school for gender consciousness. Be able to inform other educators of the specific adaptations and classroom modifications that can be made in order to improve the academic outcomes for boys.
  • Apply effective research-based methods for teaching the male populations, thereby narrowing the current achievement gaps.
  • Demonstrate the learning acquired by reading and summarizing required internet articles and textbook worksheets, exchanging ideas and methods with peers and instructor, synthesizing and applying modified teaching techniques, researching and reporting on approved assignments, and completing the final examination.
  • Demonstrate those strategies and activities which should help improve student achievement.


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