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EDUC 600

This three (3) hour continuing education graduate course has been designed to introduce the teachers to the art and artists of the 20th Century and how to incorporate this art into the curriculum using Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide. Relevant concepts, ideas, theories and principles will be presented in multi media lectures, followed by class discussion and small group interaction to the end that participants will have a working knowledge and understanding of the course content as well as how to use same in their professional setting. Focus will be on helping students improve their academic achievement in this domain. Teachers taking this course will learn how to help their students benefit because of the many ideas, materials, strategies and activities to be presented, shared, analyzed and evaluated.


As a result of participation in this course, participants should know and understand:

1. The theoretical foundation for the course together with underlying principles and concepts.

2. The research of the art of the period.

3. The art of the 20th century artists using Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide.

4. The difference between the different art movements of the 20th century.

5. How to plan and implement students’ replication of the different movements.

6. How to help students increase their knowledge of the art of the period to the end it will improve their overall academic achievement.

7. How to promote a love and understanding of works of art that are not representational.

8. The importance of connecting the theory, principles and concepts to daily classroom instruction.

9. The knowledge of the current research which clearly indicates the study of art has a positive effect on student achievement.


The required reading is found in one text and a supplemental reference. Please be prepared to discuss the assigned readings listed for each class meeting. The required text is:

Blistine, Bernard. (2001). A History of 20th Century Art. Paris, Flammarion.

Supplemental Reference:

The 20th Century Art Book. (1996). New York, NY, Phaidon Press Limited.