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Graphics for the Classroom: Visual Literacy for Teachers

EDUC 600

Visual literacy is a growing field within education. This course will examine the practical application of graphics in the classroom.  Graphics can help to address language and learning barriers and are often used to illustrate complex concepts.  Teachers can assist and enrich students’ learning by incorporating graphics into instructional activities that allow their students to more actively engage in the process of learning.  They will design a formal instructional unit, using images that make good use of the Principles of Design. 


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Evaluate lesson plans and research and compare/contrast online graphical databases. 
  2. Evaluate visual images and apply theories of proper layout and composition to images he/she creates.
  3. Apply editing skills to still images.
  4. Judge the strengths and weaknesses of various image formats and evaluate appropriate
  5. Construct and review a lesson plan that uses digital visual images to best convey lesson information, based upon needs assessment and research on aiding language and learning barriers. 


Readings will be provided online.

Design Software is required. We recommend Inkscape (free and runs on both Mac and Windows) http://sourceforge.net/projects/inkscape/  or Adobe Illustrator.

Other options -- http://smashinghub.com/12-great-alternatives-to-adobe-illustrator-for-designers.htm