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Web Design for Teachers

EDUC 600

Teachers have a long history of making use of minimal tools and making them work. The Internet bears witness to thousands of poorly designed web sites created by teachers who have not had the benefit of studying web site design and style. Many good resources and educational lessons have fallen victim to these poorly designed sites. In this class, educators will learn web development and design principles to develop an educational web site of their choice. You will not have to purchase software, and you do not need to know computer programming.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Determine a unit of instruction that would be enhanced by being web-based, develop an appropriate web site for it, and publish the site to the Internet.
  2. Propose the goals, outcomes, and objectives of their web-based unit of instruction.
  3. Create the layout and site architecture for their web-based unit of instruction.
  4. Select two engaging, relevant web based activities to include on their web site.
  5. Develop their lesson plans, lists of materials and equipment, and assessment tools.


Readings will be provided online.