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Using Moodle 2.0+ to Support Curriculum

EDUC 600

Moodle is a free open-source course management system that allows teachers to present course materials in a controlled environment, create online learning sites, and provide online asynchronous learning opportunities that enhance, expand, and complement their in-class course curriculum. 

Candidates completing this course will create Moodle Topics that will:  strengthen their curriculum, provide online collaboration opportunities for the students, offer review and reinforcement materials, create research opportunities, and expose students to online discussions, webquests, wikis, podcasts, and other audio/video resources to enhance curriculum.  Candidates completing this course will be able to port their Moodle Support Course to the site of their choosing and they will have acquired the skills to expand their Moodle course or to create additional Moodle courses for their classes.   Some candidates will create fully online courses. 


  1. Select which courses and which learning standards are appropriate for presentation in classroom Moodle Topics.
  2. Design ways to use Moodle to enrich course curriculum: bringing existing notes, assignments, lesson plans, and reference materials into Moodle quickly and easily, for use in subsequent years.
  3. Select appropriate online materials, incorporating online video, streaming video, laboratories, podcasts, images, and research materials to increase learning
  4. Develop the online grading tools and defining techniques for engaging online students and increasing their understanding of what is expected of them, giving them the responsibility for their own accomplishments.


Readings will be provided online.