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NESC Common Core PLCs Spring 2013

EDUC 600

This course was established for the purpose of developing regional Professional Learning Communities for the study of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  This is open to teachers in grades preschool through 12 and in the Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science and Counseling/Career Advising content areas.  All teachers will receive instruction on the CCSS for Math and English Language Arts, with in-depth study of CCSS content, application strategies and resources, and assessment.


Teachers and school staff in grades preK-12 will come together to:

  1. Review the process of Total Instructional Alignment, and the benefits of this process for understanding of the Common Core State Standards.
  2. Critique and enrich a completed alignment template for a series of English Language Arts (ELA) standards at the PLC’s grade level.
  3. Review and present Marzano’s 9 High-Yield Instructional Strategies, as they pertain to Common Core State Standards implementation at that grade level.
  4. Review and discuss Math Common Core State Standards for interpretation of content, and design and share corresponding instructional strategies and materials.
  5. Search out and critique online supplemental resources for the Common Core State Standards in both ELA and Math at that grade level.
  6. Develop further understanding of the College- and Career-Ready Skills for the Common Core State Standards by identifying students and teacher actions, which promote perseverance in the ELA and Math classrooms.
  7. Design a personal implementation plan for the Common Core State Standards to be used during the remainder of the 2012-13 school year, including next steps for:
    1. Content study,
    2. Implementation of Marzano’s 9 High-Yield Instructional Strategies,
    3. Collection and implementation of online supplemental resources, and
    4. Alignment of standards with instructional materials.