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Implementing iPad Apps

EDUC 600

iPads are a great tool for the classroom as long as we embrace the technology with the correct perspective.  Often teachers find a great new whiz bang gadget or software and try to “fit” the new technology into their classroom.  The old square block in a round hole approach.  Where the correct approach is defining your problem or area of concern and finding a tool that meets those needs.  In this course we begin by looking at a need and then learning how to research, evaluate and implement apps in your classroom.


During this course participants will:

  • Define a situation in your classroom that you feel an iPod could improve.  Summarize in one page or less the situation, include what you are doing now, what is not working, and where you feel it could improve.  Use size 12 times new roman font, double spaced and standard margins. 
  • Research an app that fits your needs.  Use these links as starting points and do a search for educational iPad apps.  Link 1, Link 2.  Find five apps and rate each one.
  • Implement the app into your classroom.  Use the attached Final iPad Eval and use additional space if needed.  Fill one out for each app you used.
  • Know the 6 NETS and Performance Indicators for Teachers by reflecting on how your new meets each of the 6 standards.  Write one paragraph which summarizes your integration of each standard into your new app.


The required reading is found as directed and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and Performance Indicators for Teachers.