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Blogging 101 eCourse

EDUC 600

Leveraging Web 2.0 tools is a powerful learning strategy in the 21st Century. But how do you choose the right tool that will enhance classroom learning and not be an afterthought or add on? This course is part of the Web 2.0 Tools Series, which will address the relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology while covering the nuts and bolts of each tool and how to use each within the context of your classroom. This course will focus on how to use blogging as an educational professional and classroom educator.


Participants will:

  • Understand blogs and blogging
  • Discuss the value of blogging as an educational professional
  • Learn about branding
  • Discuss best places to create, post, and share blogs (and improve traffic to blog)
  • Create activities and lessons that include student created blogs

Course components:

  • Participate in weekly webinars (or provide written summary of the recorded version)
  • Participate in the blogging discussions within the PLP online community
  • Complete a blogging plan for how-to use blogs as an educational professional or with your colleagues, students, and/or parents
  • Create a blog for instructors and classmates to review and provide feedback
  • Create (or adapt) a worksheet for students that provides guidelines on how-to comment on blogs. Worksheets will be submitted via Google Docs
  • Complete course survey