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Creative 21st Century Lesson Plans

EDUC 600

For the busy educator, the Make & Take Lesson Plans eCourse will make the most of your time. This eCourse will kick off with a live webinar (archived versions will also be available) led by an experienced educator and/or school leader. You will be provided with a wealth of information and creative ideas for how to implement and develop effective 21st Century Lesson Plans. Supplemental materials, readings and samples will be provided in an online virtual community space.


Participants will:

  • Use the TPACK framework to ensure tools aren’t driving 21st Century lessons
  • Understand what are the Four C’s
  • Gain an understanding of the National Educational Technology Standards
  • Know how-to choose the right technology to enhance student learning
  • Evaluate how-to adapt older 20th Century lessons and create new 21st Century lessons from scratch

Course components:

  • Participate in weekly webinars (or provide written summary of the recorded version)
  • Participate in asynchronous discussions within the PLP online community
  • Review supplemental videos, blog posts and articles about Web 2.0 tools and how-to choose the right technology to enhance student learning
  • Adapt a 20th Century lesson using the 21st Century lesson plan form or use the 21st Century lesson plan form as a guide to create a new 21st Century lesson plan
  • Create a dynamic 21st Century lesson plan that meets curriculum and NETS Standards for Students
  • Complete course survey