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Study Tour Abroad - Western Europe

MUSC 600

Students will be involved in intensive rehearsal and orientation sessions prior to their European travel, as well as onsite orientation meetings at the beginning of their visit to each of seven countries in Europe (Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and Germany). In addition to their own performances and guided educational tour experiences, students will attend a musical stage production in London, live concert performances in Paris, shared concerts with folk dancers and musicians in Switzerland and Austria. They will share cultural and folk music experiences in Venice as well as other significant locations, and other educational experiences too numerous to mention. Students will visit and tour several castles built by European monarchs, major cathedrals in England, Paris, Venice and Austria, as well as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. They will also visit and tour Dachau concentration camp.


The purpose of this class is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with on-site practical educational and cultural experiences available to them only through personal visits to each of seven European countries. The purpose of this class is also to provide students with the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the cultural and musical similarities and contrast between those seven European countries and the United States. Additionally, the class is designed to provide students with the highest quality musical experience possible over a sixteen-day period. They will refine musical performance skills by performing in a high quality band chorus comprised of students from throughout the state who are admitted only through director nomination. They will be encouraged to cultivate the habit of listening and observing, rather than merely hearing and seeing. All students will share their musical expertise with audiences in foreign countries where listeners are not exposed to the type of music educational systems we have in the United States.