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ABC’s of the Common Core Standards for English

EDUC 600

This comprehensive instructional course provides educators and administrators proven methods to implement Common Core requirements into daily classroom practices, easily and efficiently. This course also provides an understanding of how to use Common Core guidelines for dramatic improvement of teacher effectiveness and achievement of greater student performance.

The focus of this course is to support teachers by illustrating how the Common Core State Standards and Standards for English Language Arts can work together to help students master reading, writing, listening and speaking standards. This interactive course is designed for job-embedded learning and practical classroom application using our virtual lesson study process. This virtual lesson study environment will help facilitate the process for teachers to better incorporate the instructional practices outlined within the new Common Core State Standards.

Learning Outcomes:

The successful student will:

  • Participants will understand why the Common Core Standards were created and adopted by over 45 states. They will also be provided background information on how they were created and by whom. 
  • Participants will delve deeply into the 3 strategic shifts for English Language Arts and will examine the ELA standards in depth in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Participants will develop an understanding about the balance between informational text and fictional text required for his/her grade level. 
  • Participants will learn about the issues of text complexity, how to evaluate text and reader Lexile levels and how to match readers to appropriate text complexity.
  • Participants will explore CCCS resources provided in Appendices A and B and will be able to use these resources to identify appropriate text for their students.
  • Participants will learn about close reading in the ELA Common Core Standards. They will learn how to develop appropriate questions, use exemplars and model close reading strategies for their students.
  • Participants will learn how to help students reread a text with a specific focus on helping the students process the text at deeper levels of understanding. They will also learn to help students find evidence from the text to support their thoughts and ideas about the text both verbally as well as in written arguments.
  • Participants will review the importance of academic vocabulary and will work with identifying Tier I, Tier II and Tier III words for use in the classroom. Participants will learn why it is important to explicitly teach academic vocabulary words to their students and will explore effective techniques for vocabulary instruction. Participants will also learn how to help ELL students expand their English vocabulary knowledge.
  • Participants will understand Common Core expectations for writing, listening and speaking for the grade level they teach.  They will examine exemplars of grade level writing pieces, view some effective instructional strategies for teaching writing and will explore best practices in writing, listening and speaking.