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Developing Character Education in Your Classroom & School

EDUC 600

The course introduces participants to character education topics, the importance of character curriculum, and ways to implement them in the classroom.  Some topics introduced include, but are not limited to, virtues, tests of good decision-making, school programs for implementation, parent involvement and support ideas, ethical tests for student actions, manners, and sexual education.  The participants will evaluate their current views on character education and develop outcomes that they would like to achieve by taking this course.  In an effort to have the participant demonstrate an understanding of the concepts introduced, they will be asked to conduct lessons in the classroom and write lessons that they deem valuable as it pertains to this course.  Participants will be able to use their finished assignments/lesson plans in the classroom. 

Goals & Objectives:

As a result of this participation in this course, students should:

  1. Develop lesson plans that teach virtues to students.
  2. Develop classroom and/or school goals for implementing character education lessons.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of chapters read from the required book through summaries, reflections, and lesson planning.
  4. Write evaluations of professional articles on the topic of character education.


The required reading is found in the text listed below:

Lickona, Thomas.  (2004).  Character Matters.  New York:  Touchstone.