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Writing for Life

EDUC 600

Course participants will read the text Writing for Real by Ross Burkhardt, read journals from Eric Search, and complete related assignments after each chapter.  Participants will explore the use of journals, writing rubrics, poetry, letter writing, character topics in writing, and assessments.  PK-12 students will demonstrate writing in a variety of forms and this course presents ways to accomplish this practice.   The course discusses ways to make classrooms safe and friendly in an effort to encourage young writers.  The course text provides terrific lesson samples that are ready to use in the classroom.

Goals & Objectives:

As a result of this participation in this course students will:

  1. Design lesson plan rubrics for clear grading expectations.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the chapters read through written response.
  3. Evaluate his/her current curriculum and identify areas of need.  For each area of need a plan is developed to achieve each goal.
  4. Create clear writing rules and expectations that enhance a positive writing community in the classroom.
  5. Develop lesson plans that include all levels of learners.


The required reading is found in the text listed below:

Burkhardt, Ross M.  (2003). Writing for Real.  Stenhouse Publishers.

Additional readings will be from related journal articles of student’s choice using the Internet.