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Flipping Your Classroom: Your Lessons, Your Learning

EDUC 792 or 600

Learn what a flipped classroom is and why teachers are embracing this new way of teaching, and students are embracing this new way of learning. Revolutionize your teaching by recognizing that students can watch recorded lessons, freeing you up from lecturing which gives you more time in class to address the needs of your students.


As a result of participation in this course, students should:

1. Explore strategies used to create a flipped classroom.
2. Describe the ways the role of teacher evolves in a flipped classroom environment.
3. Investigate how teachers can put students in charge of their own learning.
4. Learn practical tools used to design a flipped classroom lesson.


Text(s): Bergmann, Jonathan and Sams, Aaron. (2013). Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day. ISTE: Eugene, OR. ASCD: Alexandria, VA.