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Improving Your Students’ Test Taking Skills

EDUC 600

This online course focuses on helping teachers understand concepts related to standardized testing. In addition, it helps teachers work with students on test preparation and test taking skills. Teachers will learn how to develop instructional strategies that facilitate students as they aim for success in testing situations. Emphasis is on testing theory, helping students learn how to prepare for tests, and strategies that students can utilize while taking a test.


1. Teachers will learn nationwide and statewide curriculum standards.
2. Teachers will learn the history of standardized testing.
3. Teachers will learn standardized testing concepts.
4. Teachers will learn about interpreting standardized test scores.
5. Teachers will learn what it means for a student to be "test-wise”.
6. Teachers will learn how to teach students to create review tools.
7. Teachers will learn a variety of memorization techniques.
8. Teachers will learn how to help students structure study groups.
9. Teachers will learn instructional strategies for general test taking skills.
10. Teachers will learn strategies for teaching test study techniques.
11. Teachers will learn ways to prepare students for taking an objective test.
12. Teachers will learn specific methods for teaching students how to take an essay test.
13. Teachers will learn to guide parents to help their children prepare to take standardized tests.
14. Teachers will develop a study plan to help students prepare for an exam or test.
15. Teachers will learn how to review material as a class before an exam.
16. Teachers will create a mock test designed to help students locate the "cues" in each question.
17. Teachers will become familiar with the importance of word parts and how to help students learn them.

Required Text:

“Test-Taking Strategies (Study Smart Series)” by Judy Kesselman-Turkel and Franklynn Peterson

Text can be found at Amazon.com or at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/029919194X/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=029919194X&link_code=as3&tag=profesdevel00-20