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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

EDUC 600

This course will examine the issues relating to grandparents raising grandchildren as this nationwide phenomena impacts our schools student population. The differences between the morals, values and upbringing styles between generations are examined. Addressing the complex internal family dynamics regarding why the parents are not raising their child are presented. The financial, physical and emotional stresses on ageing grand- parents are explained. Educators will research this issue and develop writings, lessons or activities that help them work with students and grandparent/s in school systems.


1. Educators will learn about the challenges that students and Grandparents are strugglingwith as more children nationwide are being raised by their Grandparent/s.

2. Teachers will research the generational issues, beliefs and values of our technology and media culture as they impact the parenting relationships of the generational divide.   

3. Educators will examine the difficult issues regarding why the biological parent/s is not raising the child as well as the other family and social dynamics that arise.  

4. Teachers will review the physical and emotional issues that aging grandparents have and how it affects their ability to provide for, nurture and educate their grandchild.

5. Teachers will develop writings, research this topic and develop lessons or activities that utilize the course content to improve the learning and school experience of everyone.


The Sacred Work of Grand Parents Raising Grandchildren by Elaine K. Williams, 2011, Bloomington, Indiana. Balboa Press, 195 pages.