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Q: How does licensing work for the M.Ed. in FACS program if I am not from ND?

There are two ways to obtain a license for the online M.Ed. in Family and Consumer Sciences program.

We have found that it is usually easiest to get a ND teaching license and take it to the state in which you wish to teach.  There may be a couple of courses that your teaching state will require in addition to having the ND teaching license, but they usually will allow you to teach for a couple of years and take the additional courses during that time.  It is very important to make sure that your state will honor a license from ND should you choose this route.

The second way is to be in very close contact with the state teacher licensing board in the state in which you wish to teach and to take the content area courses (in addition to the Great Plains Master’s courses) which your state requires.  In ND, you would be licensed for 7-12.