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K-12 Professional Development For Teachers

Professional development for teachers is designed for K-12 teachers with the purpose of staff development, enhancing teachers' skills, staying up-to-date with current topics in the K-12 education system, for pay scale increases, and for license renewal.  Other professions that involve working with children may also find these teacher training classes useful.

Professional development for teachers may be listed with either the 600 or 792 class designation and are offered in a variety of formats. A bachelor's degree is required to be eligible to take these classes. A maximum of 15 credits per semester (Fall & Spring) & 12 credits (Summer Semester) is allowed. In some instances, students can have up to one calendar year to complete a professional development class; however, we suggest you make every effort to complete them in the semester you registered.


A $20 processing fee will be assessed per person for cancellations received after the start of the class. Some classes require the purchase of textbooks in addition to the cost of the class.  Professional development classes are posted to your official NDSU transcript.

Teachers should verify with their school district, certification board, licensing board, or graduate program advisor to ensure these classes will meet their individual needs prior to registering.

Course Designations for Professional Development for Teachers

600 classes
The 600 class designation is reserved for graduate-level professional development for teachers and is designed to help teachers stay current in their fields, meet their recertification needs, and salary advancement goals. Classes with the 600 designation do not require admission to the NDSU Graduate School, and consequently, are not eligible for use on graduate programs of study. A bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for registration. Registration is not complete until payment has been received. Teachers should verify with their certification/licensing boards to ensure professional development courses will meet their individual staff development needs prior to registering.

792 classes
The 792 class designation at NDSU is for graduate-level courses and requires admission to the NDSU Graduate School. (Note: a $35.00 application fee may apply) These classes are degree eligible and may be eligible for use on a graduate program of study. Up to ten credits as a non-degree seeking student may be used on a plan of study at NDSU with the approval of the supervisory committee, the program administrator, and the graduate dean. 

Class Formats for Professional Development for Teachers

Web-Based Classes
Web-based teacher training classes may use a learning management system called Blackboard (some classes may use Moodle) to post a syllabus, materials, assignments, and communication from instructors. Users do all work online and then submit assignments digitally in a digital dropbox.

Print-Based Classes
Print-based teacher training classes have a printed packet that includes a syllabus, materials, assignments, and communication from instructors. Packets are generally mailed to you upon registration. A few print-based classes have materials available at the NDSU Bookstore.

CD ROM Classes
These teacher training classes are set up much like a book on CD-Rom, with chapters and multiple choice exams. Once registered, VESi will mail you the software for the class.

Video Classes
These teacher training classes are in a DVD format. All materials are shipped directly to your home address.

Face-to-Face Classes
These teaching training classes are offered in a regular classroom setting.  They may be offered for regional K-12 teachers or for specific school districts and their staff development requirements.  School districts nationwide may request approval from NDSU Distance and Continuing Education for a face-to-face class they want to offer to their teachers for staff development purposes.

New Classes:

Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom

EDUC 600



St. Cloud

NDSU Credit Fee: $100

October 21, 2014 - November 18, 2014

Tuesday Evenings 4:00 - 9:00 p.m.

More Information

Native American/Multicultural Instructional Practices

EDUC 600




NDSU Credit Fee: $375 + textbook

August 26, 2014 - December 19, 2014

More Information

Middle School Methods: Reading in the Content Area

EDUC 600




NDSU Credit Fee: $250 + textbook

August 26, 2014 - December 19, 2014

More Information

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