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Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards

EDUC 600




Instructor: Dr. Michael Sedler

Grading: Letter

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous (Online Class)

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $150 + Partner Course Fee: $125

Partner Class Offered Through Virtual Education Software, inc.

Course Description:

This is an interactive computer-based instruction course designed to give you a deeper understanding of the rationale for and structure of this particular standards-based framework. In this course you will learn a number of factors that contributed to the overall design of the Common Core Standards as well as practical pedagogical approaches that will support practitioners working toward deeper implementation.  We will reflect on the instructional “shifts” emphasized throughout the Common Core Standards and contextualize the shifts based on the diverse population of students course participants serve. This clas will also provide connections to a variety of instructional considerations that will support implementation regardless of educational context.  Practitioners will be provided opportunities to reflect on current practice and the degree to which they align with the Common Core Standards as well as with colleagues across a wide range of settings implementing these standards. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the major shifts in English and Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and Mathematics reflected in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  2. Learn about the design features of the CCSS (what to teach) and implications for professional practice (how to teach it).
  3. Explore research-based pedagogical strategies that align with what is emphasized in the CCSS.
  4. Appreciate the importance of mapping any implementation gap that may exist between current personal practice and what research indicates aligns with the CCSS.
  5. Self-reflect on the degree to which a "CCSS mindset" has been developed that supports the "what" (CCSS), the "how" (instruction), and the "who" (ALL learners) required for implementation.
  6. Develop a plan of action with implementation strategies designed to deepen student learning as well as generate evidence of your actions .
  7. Recognize the connection between the creation of equitable learning conditions and developing a "Common Core Mindset" that integrates a number of dimensions.
  8. Distinguish between "rigor" and "difficulty" and understand the implications for teachers.
  9. Articulate the difference between a "fixed" and a "growth" orientation and implications of each view for students and teachers.
  10. Self-assess the priority level to teach students that ability is expandable.
  11. Learn a seven-step process for teaching students that ability is expandable.
  12. Learn a four-step process for articulating standards and increasing student ownership over learning outcomes.
  13. Recognize the ways that student and teacher self-efficacy are interconnected.
  14. Learn the purpose of and a process for providing effective prescriptive feedback.
  15. Understand the significance of the emergence of educational neuroscience as it relates to implanting the Common Core Standards.
  16. Understand the importance of explicitly teaching academic language and methods for increasing student ownership of learning .
  17. Delineate the difference between a teaching strategy and a learning strategy.
  18. Articulate the rationale for using the compare and contrast learning strategy when implementing Use web-based tools designed to simultaneously engage students with primary source documents and in higher order thinking skills.
  19. Learn strategies to increase comprehension and problem-solving skills.
  20. Develop an understanding of the role of reasoning and argument in the CCSS.
  21. Recognize why writing in numerous formats is an essential cross-cutting strategy.
  22. Provide evidence of professional context and learning within a course using a reflection strategy for further planning implementation of the CCSS the Common Core Standards.


Title:                Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards

Instructor:        Dr. Michael Sedler

Facilitator:        Professor Steven Dahl

Publisher:         Virtual Education Software, inc. 2014

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Effective September 1, 2014 cost for this course will be $285

Special Instructions:

This course is tablet compatible using iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus or Surface.

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