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Game Based Learning Series: Phonics

EDUC 600




Instructor: Sue Lundgren


Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous (Online Class)

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $160

Partner Class Offered Through eEducators

Course Description:

This Game Based Learning series consists of courses in which participants will be creating ready-to-use games, locating online sites to support the language arts/math curriculum and learning how to modify popular games into learning tools. At the end of each course, participants will walk away with a large resource of ideas and supportive materials aligned with district, state, and/or national standards.


As a result of this participation in this course, students will:

1.  Read research based articles on the benefits of utilizing games in the classroom.

2.  Reflect on assessing game based learning.

3.  Explore the standards for English Language Arts.  http://www.ncte.org/about/over/standards/110846.htm.

4.  Create phonics games based on state and/or district standards.

5.  Locate interactive online phonics sites supporting state or district standards.


The required reading is found in a collection of web sites. 

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