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Child Abuse: Working with Abused & Neglected Children

EDUC 600




Instructor: Joan S. Halverstadt

Grading: Graded

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous (Online Class)

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $100 + Partner Course Fee: $125

Partner Class Offered Through Virtual Education Software, inc.

Course Description:

Welcome to Child Abuse: Working with Abused and Neglected Children, an interactive computer-based instruction (CBI) course designed to help you identify and effectively teach students affected by child abuse and/or neglect. This course teaches you to recognize the signs of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, and emotional neglect in students. It also discusses the specific factors that exist in families who abuse or neglect their children. A major emphasis in this course is on helping the participant understand the special learning needs of the abused or neglected child and how to meet those needs in the regular classroom. Working with parents and community agencies is also emphasized.

This course meets the child abuse and neglect educational requirement in most states.  It is the responsibility of the student to verify the course content with your specific state professional licensing agency to ensure proper credit.

This computer-based instruction course is a self-supporting program that provides instruction, structured practice, and evaluation all on your home or school computer.  Technical support information can be found, in the Help section of your course.


Students will be able to:

1.  Understand the educator’s role in protecting and supporting abused or neglected students.

2.  Recognize the symptoms of child abuse and neglect.

3.  Know their state and school district’s child abuse reporting procedures.

4.  Understand the causes of abuse and neglect in families and society.

5.  Understand the special learning needs these students bring to the classroom.

6.  Gain techniques for supporting students and families affected by abuse or neglect.

7.  Learn intervention techniques applicable to the classroom setting.

8.  Gain a wider knowledge of available outside resources and support systems.

9.  Understand the educator’s role in the intervention and prevention of child abuse and neglect.


Title: Child Abuse: Working with Abused & Neglected Children

Author: Joan S. Halverstadt, MS/ED

Effective September 1, 2014, cost for this course will be $235

Special Instructions:

This course is tablet compatible using iPad, Kindle Fire, Nexus or Surface.

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