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Social Intelligence

EDUC 600




Instructor: Joseph C'de Baca

Grading: Graded

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Correspondence

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $365

Class Offered Through Teachers Learning Center

Course Description:

This course explores the area of social intelligence as it applies to human relations and the classroom. Educators will learn about and be able to take the theories of SI and put them into practice in the elementary, middle school, and high school environments. Teachers will develop several SI instructional strategies for classroom environments and management. Educator understanding, counseling, and other applications of SI theory are presented. Various appendixes are available for examination for teacher applications in schools settings.


1.  Educators will review the way humans are wired to connect with others in a natural WiFi system and instinct for altruism that defines social intelligence.

2.  Teachers may explore self awareness as it relates to social intelligence in a variety of settings and why genes are not destiny in developing SI skills. 

3.  Students will be presented with the need for a secure base and to develop personal set points for happiness that facilitate positive webs of attachment.

4.  Teachers are exposed o how the mind and medicine are interrelated and how to manage the heart regarding trauma and emotional relearning.

5.  Educators will examine how biology, stress and the lack of social connectedness can affect how we utilize social intelligence techniques in school environments.


Social Intelligence: New Science of Human Relationships by Daniel Goleman. 2007. New York: Bantum Books. 336 Pages.

About The Instructor

Joseph C'de Baca
Joseph C'de Baca

Joseph C'de Baca earned his M.Ed. from the University of Phoenix, Denver, CO in Educational Administration. He earned his BA in Industrial Technology from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Joseph is a former Social Studies and Industrial Technology teacher for 15 years.



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