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K-12 Professionals

Refocus & Recharge: Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching

EDUC 792 or 600




Instructor: Dr. Larry Napoleon

Grading: Letter

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Correspondence

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $390

Partner Class Offered Through Learner's Edge

Course Description:

With the ever increasing demands on teachers, the subject of teacher wellness is a timely and important one.  This course explores a wealth of strategies teachers can enlist to attain professional and personal balance, avoid teacher burn-out, and re-charge.  Explore such strategies as: how to manage stress, ways to be a part of the larger community, teaching with a sense of purpose, the importance of self-efficacy, positive engagement, and planning of one’s time and energy.


Students will:

  1. Understand the importance of maintaining personal and professional balance which enhances one’s ability to be an effective educator.
  2. Learn strategies for prioritizing professional balance.
  3. Model examples of strategies to help colleagues and students achieve balance and well-being which will help them be better educators and learners.
  4. Research, explore, analyze and reflect on the importance of seeking balance in educational settings.
  5. Explore how teacher burn-out affects student achievement.
  6. Enlist strategies that will help teachers re-charge.


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