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Integrating Assessment into the Reading Classroom

EDUC 600




Instructor: Shawn Gallagher

Grading: Letter

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Correspondence

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $150 + Partner Course Fee: $200

Course Description:

This course focuses on the most current research about developing proficient readers.  The text provides tools allowing teachers to support students in reaching their reading goals.  Teachers will integrate a system based on four key reading skill headings: comprehension, accuracy in decoding, fluency, and developing and expanding vocabulary. This course will affectively help P-12 teachers to understand the CAFÉ system and develop assessment to drive their individual and small group instruction.  Teachers will also analyze current research to help them create specific reading strategy lessons and understand the routines that promote good literacy habits.  P-12 teachers will develop plans for conferencing with individual students, create a tracking system for strategy based guided reading groups, and develop a progression of whole group lesson elements.


As a result of this participation in this course, students should:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the CAFE components (packets 1, 2); 
  • Develop assessment that will drive individual and group instruction (packets 3, 4, 5);
  • Analyze current research and incorporate appropriate pieces into the classroom (articles and CAFÉ text);
  • Create specific reading strategy lessons for whole, and small group instruction (packets 3, 6, 7):
  • Understand routines that will develop good literacy habits (packets 3, 6, 7).


The required reading is found in the text listed (cost of textbook included in course fee and mailed with syllabus). The required text is:

Boushey, G., & Moser, J. (2006).  The CAFE book: engaging all students in daily literacy assessment and instruction.  Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers.

Allington, R., Johnson, P.H., Day, P. J., (2002).  Exemplary Fourth-Grade Teachers: Good fourth-grade teaching is an expert activity that is not amenable to any one-size-fits-all plan for instruction.  Appeared in Language Arts(2002).

Texas Education Agency (2002).  Researched Based Content-Area Reading Instruction.  Austin, TX:  Texas Reading Initiative.

Special Instructions:

Texts/Readings are included in the total cost of the course.

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