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Evolving Children of Now

EDUC 600




Instructor: Joseph C'de Baca

Grading: Letter

Spring, Summer & Fall (Ongoing)

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous (Online Class)

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

NDSU Credit Fee: $365

Class Offered Through Teachers Learning Center

Course Description:

 This course will provide educators with and understanding of the new types of transitional children entering the school system. Often diagnosed as learning disabled, it may be that they are part of an evolving humanity. They have advanced skills in science and mathematics as well as metaphysical abilities. Educators will research this new phenomenon to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work with them effectively.  Educators are introduced to crystalline, indigo and psychic children's characteristics. They will learn methods of helping them learn in today's world. Educators will utilize the books content and develop lessons, activities and writings that explain how this new information can be utilized and implemented in current classrooms and schools.   


1.  Educators will be introduced to the new phenomena of evolving children known as crystalline, Indigo, psychic and other dynamics of new types of children in schools. 

2.  Teachers are presented with some of the medical misunderstandings that abound as psychologist, medical doctors and educators seek to understand these children.

3.  Educators will research this emerging topic as it develops and has implications for understanding children of this nature in order to better serve their educational needs.  

4. Teachers are presented with definitions of the various labels and provided with a checklist for recognizing children with particular traits for educational success. 

5.  Teachers will develop writings, lessons and activities that demonstrate the books concepts, ideas and techniques so they can then apply to schools and classrooms. 


Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children  and the Phenomenon of Transitional Children by Meg Blackburn Losey PHD 2007.  Franklin Lakes, NJ. Career Press, 251 pages.

About The Instructor

Joseph C'de Baca
Joseph C'de Baca

Joseph C'de Baca earned his M.Ed. from the University of Phoenix, Denver, CO in Educational Administration. He earned his BA in Industrial Technology from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Joseph is a former Social Studies and Industrial Technology teacher for 15 years.



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