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Norman Rockwell’s 20th Century America

EDUC 600




Instructor: Rhea Sprecher

Grading: Letter

Wednesday, October 01, 2014 - Friday, October 31, 2014

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous (Online Class)

Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development

Course Fee: $695

Course Description:

This course is intended to provide a thorough review of the life and work of one of America’s best known artists – Norman Rockwell, including his Wisconsin connection. Rockwell’s works will be tied to the larger  theoretical base of art with it’s underlying principles and concepts. This background is intended to introduce classroom teachers to the story of the 20th Century as depicted by Norman Rockwell through his illustrations for magazines such as Boys’ Life, Saturday Evening Post, Look  and many others.  This will give participants the information necessary to develop a curriculum to look at America through the ups and downs of everyday life…“America as I would like it to be…” as depicted by Norman Rockwell.  The main curriculum assignment will be organized around a mini unit project assignment focusing on student achievement and higher level thinking skills. The content will be covered with power point presentations, slides, DVD clips, cooperative learning activities, as well as ongoing reflection. Teachers taking this course will learn how to help their students benefit because of the many ideas, materials, strategies and activities to be presented, shared, analyzed and evaluated.


As result of participation in this course, participants should:

  1. Know and understand the theoretical base and underlying principles and concepts for thisart form.
  2. Understand how the course content can and does apply to student higher level thinking skills.
  3. Possess a working knowledge and understanding of Norman Rockwell’s America as shown through his illustrations.
  4. Possess a working knowledge and understanding of 20th Century America’s story.
  5. Know how to write and integrate curriculum units showing Rockwell’s illustrations of   idealized America vs. his illustrations of historical events. 
  6. Understand how the study of America’s 20th Century story through these illustrations can touch our hearts with a smile and a tear.
  7. Have written and shared a Plan of Action that incorporates Rockwell’s American Story through illustration into the curriculum and classroom strategies with a focus on student achievement.
  8. Know how to implement the many ideas, materials, strategies and activities presented, shared, analyzed and evaluated.


The required texts are:

Hennessey, Maureen, & Knutson, Anne. (1999). Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People. New York, Abrams.

Supplemental Text:

Pero, Linda Szekely. (2007). American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell. North Adams, MA, Excelsior Printing Co.

About The Instructor

Rhea Sprecher
Rhea Sprecher

Rhea Sprecher earned an M.A.Ed.. from Concordia College, where she also earned a B.S. in Education, Drama, and Art. Rhea has over 50 years of experience teaching art, drama, and art history. Rhea also has experience as an adjunct faculty teaching graduate level art history classes. Rhea has studied art history internationally, participating in tours in Europe and across the United States.


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