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Cryptography and Security

The group focuses on the design of cryptographic protocols, lightweight authentication and encryption schemes for applications in multimedia, sensor/wireless networks and the smart-grid.

Current research themes:

  1. Communication system efficiency: In a communication system the output of an information source goes through quantization, source coding (compression), encryption/authentication, channel coding and modulation. We consider merging the encryption/authentication phase with either quantization, source coding or modulation in order to improve efficiency of the communication system. Specifically we are considering merging encryption with arithmetic coding, Trellis coded modulation, OFDM and other modulation techniques. Applications include multimedia security, and smart grid security.
  2. Light weight encryption and authentication schemes: We consider developing light weight schemes for applications like sensors, wireless networks etc. Using a combination of digital systems and cryptography we look for techniques to do efficient authentication and encryption.
  3. Cryptographic Protocols: A cryptographic protocol computes a function of secret inputs of parties without revealing any party’s secret. Applications include electronic elections and auctions. We consider the development of efficient protocols for applications such as the smart grid. Currently we are working on protocols to compute general functions with a majority of parties being honest. Techniques used to develop such protocols include zero-knowledge, homomorphic encryption, secret sharing, and commitments. We are looking for techniques that are either based on cryptographic assumptions or information-theoretic assumptions.

Group Members: Raj Katti

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