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Pubweb Hosting

Pubweb service is an option for hosting Web content at NDSU. Pubweb content authors must have or hire the expertise necessary to carry out all Website construction and maintenance tasks. If you require authoring support, NDSU CMS may be a better hosting option.

  • There is no charge for an account/site
  • Base storage is 100 megabytes per site at no charge. Additional file storage space for Web content is currently available by request at no charge

There are two account types:

  1. Basic site
    • access for one person (i.e. the owner)
    • Static content (HTML, Javascript, PDF, Word files)
    • URL like
  2. Enhanced site
    Optionally add the following features to the site
    • PHP environment
    • SSL support
    • CAS support
    • MySQL database
    • Group managed content (i.e., add multiple authors to have access to edit content)
    • "Official NDSU" URL like (content must conform to the NDSU Web guidelines and standards and the URL must be approved by VPUR)

Request Pubweb

Log in at and click "Request a site" to sign up for a basic account. If you want to "upgrade" to an enhanced site, also request an enhanced site.

Author content and maintain a site

The Pubweb hosting service is predicated on the notion that account holders wish to build and maintain Website content.  Each basic and each enhanced owner is expected to have or to hire the expertise necessary to carry out all Website construction and maintenance tasks.  Those individuals, departments, units or organizations needing support should investigate NDSU CMS, an extensively supported content hosting option.

Connect to Pubweb

Connection settings

Host name (server):
Port: SFTP/SSH port 22
Username: your NDSU Unix ID
Password: your NDSU password

Not sure what your Unix ID is? Log in to using your NDSU username and password. Your Unix ID will be listed under the "UNIX Login ID" heading.

Supported clients

Pubweb accepts secure connections only. You can use any client that supports SSH, SCP or SFTP protocols. This means FTP will not work--it is not secure.

The following list is not an exhaustive list of compatible clients.

  • WinSCP is a free client for Windows that uses the SFTP protocol -- make sure to choose SFTP or SCP protocol and not FTP when you try to connect
  • Dreamweaver can be configured to use SFTP -- when configuring a new site, set the Connect using field to SFTP
Where to put files

Basic site: Put files in your "public_html" directory.

Enhanced site: Put files in the enhanced site directory -- you will recognize this folder by its name, which matches the organization name (as requested).

Additional Storage

Additional Storage is available for basic and for enhanced accounts.  Additional web file space is an option and may be ordered in increments of 1 MB at no charge.

Change enhanced site name or ownership

When an organization changes its name, you may want the to update the site URL to be the (new) official name while allowing users to continue to use the old address for up to one year.  All enhanced site name changes and ownership changes should be submitted online by the current enhanced site owner: (requires login).

Terms of Service

NDSU will grant the customer the service as a necessary privilege in order to perform authorized job functions. The customer will support and promote the highest standards, best practices, and ethical and legal use for IT devices, software, and services. The customer will not knowingly permit use of the customer’s entrusted access control mechanism for any purposes other than those required to perform authorized employment functions.


  • The customer will abide by all applicable state and federal laws, the North Dakota University System, and NDSU policies and procedures.
  • The customer understands that the primary purposes of NDSU network resources are for education, research, and business related to the institution.
  • If the customer observes any incidents of non-compliance with the terms of this agreement, the customer is responsible for reporting them to the information technology security officer and the customer’s supervisor.
  • The customer understands that Information Technology Services, or appropriate designated University officials, reserve the right without notice to limit or restrict any individual’s network services or otherwise alter any data, file, or system resource that may undermine the authorized use of an NDSU IT network resource.

Unsupported uses / activities

  1. Application support.
  2. Application development training.
  3. Site metrics.
  4. Proxy service for individual basic sites.

Prohibited uses / activities

Inappropriate or unlawful material:

Material that is fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, lewd, sexually explicit, profane, obscene, intimidating, threatening, potentially violent, defamatory, racially offensive, inappropriate or otherwise unlawful, or in violation of NDSU and NDUS policies and procedures may not be sent by e-mail or other form of electronic communication or displayed or stored in computers.

  • Political or personal commercial use.
  • Excessive use or misuse of electronic and network resources.
  • Misuse of software includes but is not limited to:

Unauthorized sending, transmitting, receiving, storing, or otherwise disseminating proprietary data, intellectual property, and confidential/sensitive classified information on computer systems and/or external portable media without formal authorization from the data owner or user’s supervisor.  Collection, transmission or storage of confidential data is not allowed.  Examples of confidential data include:

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit Card Information

Follow the NDUS Data Classification Standard (NDUS 1901.2)

Examples of confidential information include names, addresses, date of birth, Social Security Number, EMPLID, etc.

Relevant North Dakota University System Policies and Procedures

See also: NDUS policies

  1.  NDUS PROCEDURE 1901.2 Section 1 Authorized use.
  2.  NDUS PROCEDURE 1901.2 Section 2.3 Freedom from harassment and undesired information.
  3. NDUS PROCEDURE 1901.2 Section 4.2 Imposition of sanctions.
  4. NDUS PROCEDURE 1901.2 Section 4.4 Monitoring of usage, inspection of electronic equipment.

What are the limitations?

Student Accounts

Sponsored student organizations may have sites by having a faculty or staff sponsor request a site (i.e. own the site).

Student employees may have a pubweb account to access an enhanced site if such access is required for their NDSU work assignment.

File Transfer

Secure connections are required to upload content to pubweb. To copy files and folders to a site, you must use SFTP, SCP or SSH protocols.

Pubweb site address

You and your site users will see the uploaded pages and folders at one of the following addresses (depending on the type of account you requested and whether your site is an official NDSU site):

The URL (Web address) for basic account holders (unofficial sites) is:<your UNIX name>/
{Note the trailing slash}

The URL (Web address) for enhanced sites without a Proxy URL or a Virtual Host (an unofficial site) name is:<site name>/
{Note the trailing slash}

The URL (Web address) for enhanced sites with a Proxy URL (an official site) is:<site name>/
{Note the trailing slash}

The URL (Web address) for enhanced sites with a Virtual Host name (an unofficial site) is:
https://<site name>
{Note the trailing slash}

Proxy URLs and Virtual Host Names for Enhanced Sites (Redirects)

NDSU IT can configure a proxy address for an enhanced site only when the following conditions are met:

  1. The site is an enhanced site
  2. The proposed URL, e.x., has been approved as an official site by University Relations

Request an official site proxy URL using the "Go Live" request. Refer to NDSU Web Guidelines to learn about VPUR expectations for an official site.

If the enhanced site is not approved as an official NDSU site, you can optionally request a "virtual host" name.  Request a virtual host proxy configuration using the "Go Live" request.  Example: .

Please note that we cannot redirect from a NDSU CMS site to a Pubweb site.

Content Management System hosting

NDSU CMS (content management system) is used by many NDSU departments and enables departments to easily publish content online. Evaluate NDSU CMS when choosing the best solution for your circumstances. If NDSU CMS is new to you, take a tour of a page, see who uses CMS at NDSU, or request a CMS site.

Glossary of Terms

Proxy URL or redirect: When you “go live” on Pubweb, visitors to the old location will be sent to the new, correct location on Pubweb using a Proxy URL or a virtual host name.

MB: A megabyte is a unit of storage. A 500 page book with 2,000 characters per page, for example, could be stored using approximately 1 MB. 

GB: A gigabyte is a unit of storage equal to 1000 MB. A DVD-R, for example, holds a maximum of 4.7 GB.

SSL: Secure socket layer encrypts all data between the browser and the Web server. 

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