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Educational Leadership

There is a reason schools and communities throughout the state hire North Dakota State University (NDSU) Leadership program students.  The Educational Leadership Program is committed to transforming students' passion for education with the professional and organizational skills necessary to be leaders in and of education who focus on student success.

Graduates from the Educational Leadership Program will gain the knowledge, skills, and expertise to lead others by making informed decisions based on data, engaging in problem solving, planning, research, assessment, collaboration, negotiation, and conflict-resolution.

The principle purpose of the Educational Leadership Program is to provide professional/academic education for individuals preparing for PK-12 leadership and mid-management administrative positions such as:

  • elementary school principal
  • secondary school principal
  • community education director
  • staff administrative positions which include:
    • school district business managers
    • technology coordinators
    • curriculum coordinators
    • upper echelon adminstrative positions (i.e., superintendent of schools)
  • teacher leadership
  • leadership roles in higher education settings such as:
    • Residence Life
    • Student Affairs
    • Athletics
    • Admissions


The major goals of the program are to:

  • Deliver an approved leadership program and credential program to North Dakota Residents.
  • Increases the effectiveness of PK-12 teacher leadership thereby increasing student performance.
  • Provide professional service to area schools, school districts, and practicing educational administrators and to state and national associations.
  • Expand the research on the knowledge base of education, leadership, and the administration of educational programs.



We Offer:
The Educational Specialist Degree and Superintendent Credential Endorsement Program.  The specialist degree in educational administration is a terminal degree designed to enhance leadership and devleop expertise in chosen fields.


Overviews of the degrees offered by the Educational Leadership Program are provided below.  

Degree Option A:                            Master of Education (M.Ed.) or Master of Science (M. S.)

Target Audience                               Pk-12 teachers or individuals interested leadership roles in higher education

Number of Credits:                         36

Delivery Method:                            Hybrid (Face-to-Face via IVN and online)

Degree Option B:                             Master of Education (M.Ed.) Online Option

Target Audience                               Pk-12 educators

Number of Credits:                         30

Delivery Method:                            Online

Degree Option C:                             Master of Education (M.Ed.) Leadership Academy Option  

Target Audience                               Pk-12 educators (enrollment in this option is limited to identified educators from a school district)

Number of Credits:                         30

Delivery Method:                            Face-to-face at the district site

Degree Option D:                            Educational Specialist (Ed.S.)    

Target Audience                               Pk-12 educators or individuals interested leadership roles in higher education

Number of Credits:                         34

Delivery Method:                            Hybrid (Face-to-Face via IVN and online)             



Fall 2014 ID21

The Fall 2014 ID21 is scheduled for November 19-20, on the North Dakota State University campus.

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