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SOE Faculty and Staff


Head, School of Education

William Martin, Ph.D.


Carol Buchholz Holland, Ph.D.
Brenda Hall, Ed.D.  (Program Coordinator)
James Korcuska, Ph.D.
Jill Nelson, Ph.D.
Robert C. Nielsen, Ed.D. 

Educational Leadership

Ann Clapper, Ed.D. (Program Coordinator)
Thomas Hall, Ed.D.
Denise Lajimodiere, Ed.D.

Education Doctoral Programs

Chris Ray, Ph.D. (Program Coordinator)
Myron Eighmy, Ed.D.
Brent Hill, Ph.D.
Claudette Peterson, Ed.D.
Elizabeth Roumell, Ph.D.
Nathan Wood, Ph.D.

Teacher Education

Core Faculty

Funmi Amobi, Ed.D. - Teacher Education
Mari Borr, Ph.D. - Family & Consumer Science Education/Teacher Education
Bradley Bowen, Ph.D. - Engineering/Teacher Education
Stacy Duffield, Ph.D. - (Program Coordinator) Teacher Education
Alan Hanson, M.S. - Teacher EducationFunmi Amobi
Jeanette Hoffman, Ph.D. - Certification Officer
Larry Napoleon Jr., Ph.D. - Teacher Education
James Nyachwaya, Ph.D. - Chemistry & Biochemistry/Teacher Education
Kim Overton, Ph.D. - Director of Field Experiences/Teacher Education
Florin Salajan, Ed.D. - Teacher Education
Justin Wageman, Ph.D. Teacher Education
Anita Welch, Ph.D. - Teacher Education
Brent Young, Ph.D. - Agricultural Education/Teacher Education

Associate Faculty

Abraham Ayebo, Ph.D. - Mathematics Education
Warren Christensen, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Physics)
Joe Deutsch, Ph.D. - HPER Education
Jenny Linker, Ph.D. - HPER Education
Lonnie Hass, M.A. - Mathematics Education
Kristen Hahne, M.S. - HPER Education
Mila Kryjevskaia, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Physics)
Charlette Moe, D.M.A. - Music Education
Lisa Montplaisir, Ph.D. - Science Education (Biology)
Erika Offerdahl, Ph.D. - STEM Education Ph.D. Program (Biochemistry)
Warren Olfert, Ph.D. - Music Education (Instrumental)
Carol Pearson, Ph.D. - Modern Languages Education
Mary Pull, M.A. - English Education (Director, Center for Writers)
Kelly Sassi, Ph.D. - English Education
Gwen Stickney, Ph.D. - Modern Languages Education
Rachelle Vettern, Ph.D. - Extension
Michael Weber, D.M.A. - Music Education (Choral)


Marie Champagne - Academic Assistant, Teacher Education
Vicki Ihry - Tri-College, Educational Leadership
Carol Nelson - Academic Assistant, Graduate Programs
Lea Roberts - Administrative Assistant, School of Education

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