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610 Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning 3
Educates students in the preparation of various types of emergency management plans and how to lead a planning process within non-profits, businesses, and/or government organizations

614 Spatial Analysis in Emergency Management 3
This course is designed to provide emergency management students with specific disaster related applications of spatial analysis techniques in state of the art GIS software

620 Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment 3
Educates students in the preparation of hazard, risk, and vulnerability assessment

625 International Emergency Management 3
Explores hazard events, emergency management processes and structures, and how they vary around the world. Prerequisite: EMGT 101 for Undergraduates.

635 Issues in Homeland Security and Emergency Management 3
An analysis of homeland security and its relationship to emergency management within the framework of evolving domestic and international hazards.

645 Vulnerability and Functional Needs in Emergency Management 3
Using the framework of vulnerability theory this course examines research related to groups that have been historically labeled “special populations” and how their functional needs might be addressed through emergency management.

661 Business Continuity and Crisis Management 3
This course provides an overview of planning and management principles applicable to business or operational resumption following an emergency. The emphasis will be on minimizing the impact of a disaster on business operations

663 Voluntary Agency Disaster Services 3
Examination of the roles played by local, state, national, and international voluntary agencies in emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery

664 Disaster and Culture 3
Examines human-made and natural disasters through cross-cultural and historical perspectives. Addresses cultural variation across and within relevant communities including those of disaster victims, emergency management systems, and a broad public.

720 Emergency Management Theory 3
This course reviews the theoretical assumptions and foundation of disaster management from the interpersonal, small group, organization and societal levels

730 Advanced Research Methods 3
This course reviews qualitative and quantitative methodologies and provides additional depth on their application to emergency management research projects Prereq: SOC 700, 701.

761 Preparedness Theory and Practice 3
Examination of natural and human-made disasters from a risk assessment perspective, and preparedness and control procedures for each of these types of disaster

762 Mitigation Theory and Practice 3
Examination of disaster mitigation theory and the rationale and context of mitigation procedures, programs, and planning. Students will acquire both theoretical and applied understandings of mitigation principles and practices

763 Response Theory and Practice 3
Examination of the theory and practice of response including response variance and effectiveness

764 Recovery Theory and Practice 3
Theory, principles, and procedures used in disaster damage assessment and in emergency supply and service dissemination

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