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Samantha Montano, M.S., forthcoming, Emergent Nonprofits After Hurricane Katrina

Laura Gould, M.S., forthcoming, Recovery of the Elderly After Disasters: Do They Have Special Needs?

John Carr, M.S., forthcoming, Maximizing Community Emergency Reponse Teams

Jared Huibregtse, M.S., forthcoming, Differences the Risk Perception of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Professionals

Jamie Jorrisen, M.S., forthcoming, Understanding the Creation and Sustainment of LVOADs

Mariama Yakubu, Ph.D., forthcoming, Creating Sustainable Higher Education Programs in Emergency Management: Ghana's Experience

Stanley Carignan, M.S., forthcoming, Predicting Collaborativeness in Response

Sarah Bundy, Ph.D., forthcoming, County Elected Officials in the Short-Term Recovery Process (proposal)

Regine Laurence Chauvet, M.S., 2013, Sustainability and the Emergency Manager: Do They Mesh?

Nazgul Borkosheva, M.S., 2013, Local Nonprofit and Government Organization Conceptualizations of Disaster Response Effectiveness

Natalie Easterday, M.S., 2012, Evacuation Vulnerability Grading: Exploring Public Transportation Service and Vulnerability

Pierre Freeman, M.S., 2012, An Integrative Review of the Emergency Management Research Literature on Tornadoes (comprehensive study paper)

Azard Bewari, Ph.D., 2012, The 2009 Flood Impact on the Fargo-Moorhead Health System

Marc Khatchadourian, 2011, Organizational Characteristics of a Disaster Call Center:  A Study of Information Management 

Misti Kill, Ph.D., 2011, The Impact of Gender and Disaster Experience on Preparedness

Daniel Martin, Ph.D., 2010  Conceptualizing Effective Community Disaster Recovery:  A Case Study of the National Response Framework’s Support Function #14

Jessica Jensen, Ph.D., 2010, Emergency Management Policy: Predicting National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation Behavior

Micheal Kemp, Ph.D., 2010, Adaptations to Periodic Flooding: Findings from the Red River Valley

Melissa Walter, M.S., 2009, Are Rural North Dakota Hospitals Prepared for a Disaster? An Exploratory Study

Carol Cwiak, Ph. D., 2009, Strategies for Success: The Role of Power and Dependence in the Emergency Management Professionalization Process

Vicki Miller, PH.D., 2009, An Analysis of an Evolving Response Framework: A Case Study of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

Jeanine Neipert, M.S., 2009, Non-Structural Mitigation Practices and Their Effects on Community Members: The Experience of Being Bought Out After a Flood

Lindsey Narloch, M.S., 2009, Hurricane Victim?: Applying Moral Framing to Understand Perspectives of Hurricane Katrina

Tammy Karlgaard, M.S., 2008, An Exploratory Study of Perceptions Regarding the Nature of Al-Qaeda as a Terrorist Organization

Jeffrey Reibestein, M.S., 2008, Eyes to the Sky: A Qualitative Study of Storm Spotters

Jessica Leifeld, M.S., 2007, An Exploration of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Mandate in Rural America: Through the Eyes of Emergency Management Practitioners

Micheal Kemp, M.S., 2007, Emerging Directions in Emergency Management: An Exploration of Management Models

Naif Alotaibi, M.S., 2006, Use of Munitions Containing Depleted Uranium on the Battlefield: Mitigation of Human Health and the Environment

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