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Matthew Salafia, Adjunct Lecturer

Office: Minard 316D


I have been teaching at NDSU since Fall 2009.  I have taught courses in both English and American history.  The English courses I have taught include, Eng 358 (Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences) and Eng 317 (American Literature I).  This fall, in addition to teaching 358, I will be teaching an honors colloquium called Democracy and Protest: American Radicalism. 

I received my PhD in American history from the University of Notre Dame in 2009.   My book, Slavery‚Äôs Borderland: Freedom and Bondage Along the Ohio River, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in June 2013  In this book I argue that in antebellum America the Ohio River was a borderland where slavery and freedom intersected in unexpected ways.  Influencing the lives of all who lived along its banks, the Ohio River border became the seam that held the region together against the threat of civil war. 

Currently, I am working a new project on patriotism in post 9/11 America.  In an effort to capture the broad range of expressions of patriotic duty, I am drawing on a sampling of newspapers, television news coverage, oral histories, blog entries, discussion boards, emails, digital memoirs, and images of spontaneous memorials.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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