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Stashenko Hempeck, Adjunct Lecturer

Office: Minard 316D


I attended the University of Minnesota upon graduation from high school; after four years, still being a half-year from graduation, I left.  And spent the next 25+ years pounding nails (literally; we were real men in those days, using actual hammers instead of air-powered nail guns), with 15+ of those concurrent years punching cows (figuratively, of course).  In my free time I also worked as a plumber, electrician, and lumberjack. 

In my 51st year I injured my back.  After 12 months of treatment, therapy, and overall convalescence, I returned to the University of Minnesota to graduate with a BA in History.  I then went on to complete an MFA in Creative Writing from Minnesota State University Moorhead, with a concentration in long fiction.  I am currently in the middle of, though currently taking a break from, pursuing a PhD in English here at NDSU. 

Courses I have taught at NDSU include Freshman Composition, Creative Writing, Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and I am currently teaching Technical Writing/Communication.  Now that Dr. Robert O’Connor has retired, I would love to teach a course in Science Fiction, beginning with the magnificent author Ursula K. LeGuin.  I also have a strong interest in poetry, environmental writing, and the use of landscape as a rhetorical device in both fiction and non-fiction.

With a personal library of 4,000+ volumes covering numerous topics, my interests are wide-ranging, though writing is at the core.  My personal belief is that only when we work at mastering the art of communicating with nothing but words on a blank page are we ready for Nirvana.  I suspect such a process, for most of us, is a life-long struggle; and our inability to take the image we have in our mind and transfer it through pen and paper so it re-images accurately in a reader’s mind accounts for at least half of the world’s problems.  So, like most of the Miss America contestants, I believe in working for World Peace, through mastering the art of written communication, of course.

I currently live north of Fargo, though on the Minnesota side of the Red River, along with my youngest son and his two dogs, my dog, two cats, one Nile Monitor lizard, 50+ chickens, 30+ ducks, and 3 baby quail.  And my books, of course.  Not quite Noah’s Ark, but we’re working on it.

Anyone interested in more details can view my CV here

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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