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Campus Improvements News/Updates

Updated July 28, 2014

This is a list of projects that are currently in progress or will be starting soon on the NDSU campus.  While this list is in no way all encompassing, we have tried to include the items that may cause delays in your commute or while moving around the NDSU campus.  We ask you to please exercise caution when you are around construction areas.   The campus community will be notified via e-mail of any implications on parking and/or street closures.

Street Closures/Interruptions

  • Bolley Drive Water and Sewer Project –Work should commence on this project the week of July 28.  Expect minor traffic delays and intermittent street closures

Parking Lots

  • T2 Lot is being expanded and is scheduled to be opened on July 28, 2014.  This will be a Staff Parking Lot and will also have a pay feature, as well.
  • AD Lot is being completely reconstructed and will have an additional 30 parking spaces after the construction and the removal of the old Post Office.  This lot should be re-opened the week of August 18, 2014
  • BH Lot at Barry Hall is being reconstructed and should be re-opened the week of August 18, 2014.


  • FLC – Work is under way in the new Food Production Lab.  This is scheduled to be completed by August 29, 2014.
  • Ceres Hall – The remainder of the windows will be replaced this Summer and some miscellaneous tuck pointing will be completed.  Work is scheduled to begin on August 4, 2014.
  • Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse – The fire alarm has been upgraded in this building and the lighting in the gym has also been replaced.  These projects are complete.
  • Morrill Hall – The fire alarm system is being upgraded in this building.  Work is ongoing.
  • FLC, Waldron, Hultz, BBFH, Shepperd, Gate City Bank Auditorium – Exterior doors in these buildings is almost complete.
  • Automatic Door Operators - Automatic door operator to South doors at Sudro – better access to classrooms 26 and 27
  • Automatic door operator to East doors of Loftsgard
  • Automatic door operator to South doors of Waldron
  • Extra set of doors between Hultz and Dunbar skywalk removed – only fire doors remain and are propped open during the day
  • Automatic door operator to new ADA computer cluster in QBB
  • Improved ADA seating in Van Es auditorium – removable seating for wheelchair space at the top and additional accessible seating on several row ends.  This work has been completed.
  • Sudro – Construction continues on a new simulation lab in Room 127.
  • South Engineering – Men’s and Women’s bathrooms have been remodeled.
  • Dinan Hall – Renovations of bathrooms.  This is ongoing. 
  • Stockbridge Hall – Phase 2 of the bathroom renovations will complete the bathrooms in this Residence Hall.


  • Elevator Upgrades – Upgrades should get underway around August 4 in South Engineering, QBB passenger and Old Main.  The Memorial Union freight elevator is currently being upgraded.
  • Roof Replacements Underway – Ag and Bio Engineering, Sevrinson Hall.  These roofs have been completed
  • Sidewalks / Steps – Sidewalk work has been completed in front of Askanase, from Stockbridge Hall to University Avenue and some sidewalks in University Village.  We have also repaired the steps on the West entrance to Sudro Hall.
  • Bike Pads – Additional bike pads have been added at Sudro Hall and Loftsgard Hall.
  • Pocket ParksWe have completed the installation of 6 new pocket parks.  Three are located on Centennial Boulevard, near Shepperd Hall, two between Old Main and Burgum Hall and one just outside the main entrance doors to the Library.

New Buildings Under Construction

  • Sanford Health Athletic Complex (SHAC) – Construction is underway
  • STEM Bldg – Bids will be opened on May 7th.   Construction to begin shortly thereafter
  • Aquatics Center – In Design phase

New for Fall 2014

  • Ceres Hall – Window replacement of 130 windows, spot tuck-pointing and replacement of window air conditioners
  • Stevens Hall – – replace remaining windows not updated last year, elevator replacement, partial 2nd floor asbestos abatement of the flooring and renovated the north entrance for better ADA assessibility
  • Memorial Union – Freight elevator upgrade
  • Van Es – Replacement of auditorium seating
  • Old Main – Cooling and some asbestos abatement work
  • South Engineering – Install a/c in classrooms
  • Sheppard – Install a/c in classrooms
  • Sudro Hall – Nursing Simulation Lab
  • Morrill Hall – Update fire alarm system
  • BBFH – New fire alarm system & new lighting in volleyball/basketball area
  • FLC – Food Production Lab
  • Update numerous bathrooms in academic buildings
  • Exterior door replacements – numerous academic buildings
  • Dinan Hall – Bathroom Renovation
  • Stockbridge Hall  - Phase 2 Bathroom Renovation
  • Sevrinson Hall – Re roof
  • Seim Hall – Sanitary line replacement and storm sewer line replacement            
  • Pocket Parks – 3 by Sheppard Arena, 2 by Old Main / Burgum, 1 by Library, 1 by Music Bldg.

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