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Ph.D. Students

 M.Sc. Students

Previous Graduate Students

  • Milad Bashirzadeh- M.Sc.
  • Rusha Banerjee- M.Sc.
  • Jared Risan- M.Sc.

Current & Previous Undergraduate Research Assistants

 Teaching Assistants

Undergraduate Senior Design Project

(2013-2014) Connor Coyle- Evan Sitz- Andrew Bartlett- AJordan Clitty

(2011-2012) Bryce DeWilde- David Sundquist- Andrew Narvesen- Aaron Dunbar

(2009-2010) Lance Meyer- Vincent Lindenfelser- Jacob Cundman

(2010) Nathaniel Schuette- Antony Rolfes- Lucas Niess- Matthew Braun

(2011-2012) Jason Grimm- Nick Ekren- Matthew Lund- Darrel Slavick






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