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Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

North Dakota State University

Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Phone: 231-9798




2001 B.S., Psychology, Florida State University

2004 M.S., Clinical Psychology, Florida State University

2008 Clinical Internship, University of Chicago Medical Center

2008 Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Florida State University


Research Interests

My program of research centers around two major public health problems: disordered eating and suicidal behavior.  In particular, my current research focuses on 1) disordered eating among traditionally understudied groups (e.g., ethnic minority individuals, males), 2) interpersonal and emotional processes related to suicidal behavior and disordered eating, and 3) the occurrence of suicidal behavior among individuals with eating disorders.


Selected Publications

* indicates that the co-author is one of my current or former trainees.

Bresin, K.,* & Gordon, K.H. (in press). Changes in negative affect following pain (vs. nonpainful) stimulation in individuals with and without a history of nonsuicidal self-injury. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, & Treatment.

Sand, E.,* Gordon, K.H., & Bresin, K.* (in press). The impact of specifying suicide as the cause of death in an obituary. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.

Mitchell, J.E., Crosby, R., de Zwaan, M., Engel, S., Roerig, J., Steffen, K., Gordon, K.H., Karr, T., Lavender, J., & Wonderlich, S. (in press). Possible risk factors for increased risk of suicide following bariatric surgery. Obesity.

Gordon, K.H., Holm-Denoma, J.M., Troop-Gordon, W., & Sand, E.* (2012). Rumination and body dissatisfaction interact to predict binge eating. Body Image, 9, 352-357.

Bender, T.W., Gordon, K.H., Bresin, K.* & Joiner, T.E. Jr. (2011). Impulsivity and suicidality: The mediating role of painful and provocative experiences. Journal of Affective Disorders, 129, 301-307.

Gordon, K.H., Bresin, K.,* Dombeck, J.,* Routledge, C., & Wonderlich, J.A.* (2011). The impact of the 2009 Red River Flood on interpersonal risk factors for suicide. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.

Wadeson, H.K.,* Gordon, K.H., & Donohue, K.F. (2011). Gender as a moderator for the relationship between BAS-Drive and disordered eating behaviors. Sex Roles, 65, 189-197.

Gordon, K.H., Castro, Y., Sitnikov, L., & Holm-Denoma, J.M. (2010). Cultural body shape ideals and eating disorder symptoms among White, Latina, and Black college women. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16, 135-143.

Gordon, K.H., & Dombeck, J.J.* (2010). The associations between two facets of narcissism and eating disorder symptoms. Eating Behaviors, 11, 288-292.

Gordon, K.H., Selby, E.A., Anestis, M.D., Bender, T.W., Witte, T.K., Braithwaite, S., Van Orden, K.A., Bresin, K.,* & Joiner, T.E. Jr. (2010). The reinforcing properties of repeated deliberate self-harm. Archives of Suicide Research, 14, 329-341.

Wonderlich, S.A., Gordon, K.H., Mitchell, J.E., Crosby, R.D., & Engel, S.G. (2009). The validity and clinical utility of binge eating disorder. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 42, 687-705.

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