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Nate Grosz, Wil Marcus, and Mila Kryjevskaia participated in outreach event for Grafton High School students visiting NDSU.

Joe Koteles, a recent NDSU graduate, who is currently teaching at Grafton High School (Grafton, ND), brought 10 students to the Department of Physics for science activities.  Physics faculty, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, worked with the students to help them explore various physics phenomena.

Mila Kryjevskaia helped facilitate workshop for new physics and astronomy faculty



September 2013. Mila Kryjevskaia is appointed to fill the position of Vice Chair of the Committee on Research in Physics Education of the American Association of Physics Teachers

The committee mission includes 

  • Encourage and follow research on the teaching and learning of physics and related topics.
  • Help keep the AAPT membership and the broader science teaching community aware of new and current understanding of how and why students learn, and ways of improving instruction, including the appropriate use of new tools and technologies.
  • Encourage both the use of the outcomes of research and the doing of formal and informal research in the physics classroom and laboratory.
  • Encourage recognition of research in physics education as a valid area of inquiry within physics departments.

Mila Kryjevskaia and collaborators received an NSF grant focusing on the development of methods to assess and promote student metacognition in physics

We will design a suite of research-validated activities to evoke and improve students' metacognitive skills and will investigate the resources that students utilize and the specific difficulties they face when engaged in metacognition. Furthermore, we will examine the connections between specific lines of metacognitive thinking and gains in conceptual understanding and reasoning ability.  Despite substantial prior research and widespread agreement on its crucial role in learning, metacognition remains a "fuzzy" concept that is difficult to integrate into instruction.  A major contribution of this project is to develop instructional strategies to support different forms of student metacognition; from "backward-looking" reflection, in which the learner articulates what she knows about a concept and how she came to know it, to "forward-looking" strategies that support the learner in selecting approaches best suited to new situations.  



July 2013. Mila Kryjevskaia gave an invited talk at the Physics Education Research Conference.

Link to the PER conference



July 2013. Mila Kryjevskaia and Nate Grosz presented at the National AAPT summer meeting in Portland, OR

AAPT Portland meeting



June 2013. Mila Kryjevskaia gave a plenary talk at the Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research

Link to the conference



Research paper by Mila Kryjevskaia and MacKenzie Stetzer was nominated for the 2012 PERC proceedings Paper Award



Mila Kryjevskaia and collaborators submitted a research paper to the Physics Teacher

Mila Kryjevskaia, MacKenzie R. Stetzer, and Paula R. L. Heron, "Is a simple measurement task a roadblock to student understanding of wave phenomena?"


November: Two papers by Mila Kryjevskaia and collaborators are accepted for publication



Nov 30. Nate Grosz and Burrow Kreutzer will give a JC presentation

Nov 2. Nate Grosz will give a JC presentation

Oct 27. Mila Kryjevskaia and collaborators submitted a paper to Phys Rev Special Topics - PER Journal

Mila Kryjevskaia in collaboration with MacKenzie Stetzer (U. of Maine) and Paula Heron (U. of Washington) submitted a manuscript entitled "Student difficulties measuring distances in terms of wavelength:  Lack of basic skills or failure to transfer?" 

In our ongoing research on student understanding of periodic waves and interference phenomena, we have found that many students experience difficulties when they attempt to express a distance of interest (e.g., the separation between two sources) in terms of the wavelength of the periodic waves.  This paper describes a systematic investigation focused on the identification of factors influencing student performance on a variety of tasks that require measurements of distances in terms of non-standard units (e.g., wavelength or the length of pencil).  We identified tasks that seemingly require an application of identical skills, but yield striking differences in student performance.  In a series of different problems situated in different contexts, and given at different stages of instruction, we probed several possible reasons for the observed discrepancies.  We systematically examined issues related to framing, transfer, representation, and difficulties with the concept of wavelength. 


Oct 26. Burrow Kreutzer will give a JC presentation

Burrow will discuss work by Claude Steele "A threat in the Air"


Oct 9. Mila Kryjevskaia nominated to serve as a member of the Committee on Research in Physics Education of the American Association of Physics Teachers

Mila accepted this nomination for a three-year term.


Oct 8. Burrow Kreutzer will present at the Physics seminar

Burrow will discuss collaborative research with Andrew Boudreaux on instructor's impact on gander gap in Physics.
See abstract.  


Sept 21. Nate Grosz and James Nayachwaya will give a JC presentation

Nate and James will discuss video games and spatial cognition.


Sept 7. Burrow Kreutzer will give a JC presentation on Instructor's impact on gender gap in Physics

Burrow will discuss her undergraduate work with Andrew Boudreaux.

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