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Mentor Relationship Travel Grant Program

What are Mentor Relationship Travel Grants?
Mentor Relationship Travel Grants provide funds to offset costs of meeting with mentors from outside NDSU to build long-term professional mentoring relationships. While the FORWARD junior faculty cohort mentoring program and the mid-career mentoring program provide opportunities for developing internal mentoring relationships, the Mentor Relationship Travel Grants encourage women faculty to seek out mentors from outside NDSU. This grant program will cover travel costs associated with meeting a mentor. However, these are not intended for those who are only interested in attending a conference, visiting a funding agency, etc.

Who can apply for a Mentor Relationship Travel Grant?
Tenure-track or tenured Assistant and Associate, and not-yet-tenured Professor ranks of NDSU women faculty may apply.

Application Deadline for 2013-14 Academic Year: February 4, 2015

Mentor Relationship Travel Grant Program Call for Applications  for 2013-14 Academic Year
Mentor Relationship Travel Grant Program Application Form  for 2014-15 Academic Year

Acknowledging Support from NDSU Advance FORWARD

All scholarship resulting from funding programs must acknowledge support from the NDSU ADVANCE FORWARD program sponsored by the National Science Foundation, HRD-0811239. Awardees can use the following acknowledgment statement:

This research (in part) was supported by National Science Foundation Grant # HRD-0811239 to the NDSU Advance FORWARD program.

2013-2014 Awardees

Xinhua Jia, Ag and Biosystems
Kim Vonnahme, Animal Sciences
Joan Vorderbruggen, Architecture
Julia Bowsher, Biological Sciences
Sagita Sinha, Chemistry
Simone Ludwig, Computer Science
Christi McGeorge, Human Development Family Science
Kristen Benson, Human Development Family Science
Yechun Wang, Mechanical Engineering
Cecilia Kang, Music
Estelle Leclerc, Pharmaceutical Science
Senay Simsek, Plant Science
Asunta Thompson, Plant Science
Qi Zhang, Plant Science
Leah Irish, Psychology
Elizabeth Roumell, School of Education
Abby Wick, Soil Science

2011-2012 Awardees

Kristen Benson, Human Development and Family Science
Elizabeth Birmingham, English 
Hyunsook Do, Computer Science 
Elizabeth Erichsen, Education
Stevie Famulari, Landscape Architecture
Donna Grandois, Nursing 
Jooyeon Ha, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management 
Sumathy Krishnan, Mechanical Engineering 
Juan Li, Computer Science 
Simone Ludwig, Computer Science 
Christi McGeorge, Human Development and Family Science 
Kjersten Nelson, Criminal Justice1  
Amy O'Connor, Communication
Rajani Pillai, Management and Marketing
Kathryn Samuels, Sociology and Anthropology 
Senay Simsek, Plant Sciences 
Sherri Stastny, Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Science1 
Amy Rupiper Taggart, English 
Annie Tangpong, Mechanical Engineering 
Kim Vonnahme, Animal Science 
Joan Vorderbruggen, Architecture
Courtney Waid-Lindberg, Criminal Justice
Yechun Wang, Mechanical Engineering 
Christina Weber, Sociology and Anthropology 

Past Awardees

Carol A. Archbold, Criminal Justice and Political Science1 
Tracy Barrett, History
Kristen Benson, Human Development and Family Science1
Ericka Berg, Animal Sciences
Peggy Biga, Biological Sciences 
Ann Braaten, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management1 
Sarah Browning, Criminal Justice and Political Science
Kasey Carlin, Animal Sciences
Hyunsook Do, Computer Science
Elizabeth Erichsen, Education1
Stevie Famulari, Architecture and Landscape Architecture1
Lingling Fan, Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Victoria J. Gelling, Coatings and Polymeric Materials 
Erin Gillam, Biological Sciences 
Wendy Gordon, Psychology 
Anna Grazul-Bilska, Animal Sciences 
Kendra Greenlee, Biological Sciences 
Kristi Groberg, Visual Arts1
Joleen Hadrich, Agribusiness and Applied Economics
Kimberly Vess Halbur, College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Sciences
Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, Plant Sciences 
Angela Hodge, Mathematics, School of Education*
Xinhau Jia, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 
Wei Jin, Computer Science
Sumathy Krishnan, Mechanical Engineering 
Mila Kryjevskaia, Physics
Jaeha Lee, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management1 
Juan Li, Computer Science
Siew Hoon Lim, Agribusiness and Applied Economics1
Kaarin Piegaze Lindquist, Architecture and Landscape Architecture1
Simone Ludwig, Computer Science
Miriam Mara, English1
Kjersten Nelson, Criminal Justice and Political Science1 
Erika Offerdahl, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carol Pearson, Modern Languages 1
WooMi Phillips, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management1
Carrie Anne Platt, Communication
Deirdre Prischmann-Voldseth, Entomology 
Birgit Pruess, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences 
Wendy Reed, Biological Sciences
Katie Reindl, Biological Sciences 
Yeong Rhee, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science1 
Joy Sather-Wagstaff, Sociology/Anthropology 
Kelly Sassi, English1 
Jane Schuh, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences 
Senay Simsek, Plant Sciences 
Sherri Stastny, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science1
Amy Taggart, English1 
Annie Tangpong, Mechanical Engineering 
Verena Theile, English
Ruilin Tian, Management, Marketing and Finance
Cindy Urness, Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Kim Vonnahme, Animal Sciences
Joan Vorderbruggen, Architecture and Landscape Architecture1
Courtney Waid, Criminal Justice and Political Science
Yechun Wang, Mechanical Engineering
Anita Welch, School of Education1 
Catherine Wiley, Architecture and Landscape Architecture1
Kara Wolfe, Apparel, Design, and Hospitality Management
Rebecca Woods, Human Development and Family Science1 
Nan Yu, Communication1
Jun Zhang, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 
Qi Zhang, Plant Sciences 

Funded by Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
2 Funded by ND EPSCoR through Vice President for Research, Creative Activities, and Technology Transfer.
*Awarded but not used due to change in status.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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