Online Surveys

Gather information from employees or customers using an online survey. Our online surveys make it easy for you to collect data from a small or large group of people. Participants complete survey on their own time and demographics are easily identified through generated reports. These reports are generated automatically including statistics, charts, and graphs. Data can also be exported for further analysis. Information is gathered quickly and easily!

Benefits of Online Surveys

  • Participants respond electronically.
  • They can be directed to answer only applicable questions.
  • Prompted if a question is skipped or answered incorrectly.
  • Results are instantly added to group data.
  • Results can be viewed using a wide range of charts and tables.

Uses of Online Surveys:

  • Research and Information Gathering
    • Gather information from consumer groups, employees, or policy stakeholders.
    • Demographic information can be used to filter reports that are generated automatically.
  • Employee Feedback
    • Get employee feedback on policies or procedures.
    • Gain anonymous feedback for managers or group input for subordinates.
  • Customer Opinion Gathering
    • Get consumer data quickly and easily, without manually entering and tabulating results.
    • Reports are automatically generated and data can be exported for further analysis.

The Group Decision Center offers two different types of surveys:

  1. Surveys setup as part of GDC meeting or just surveys on the GDC computers.
  2. Web surveys

You can use surveys to gather information on:

  • Behavior:
    Inquire about the past, present or intended behaviors.
  • Demographic characteristics:
    Research a wide variety of classification data, such as the participant’s age, sex, income, and occupation.
  • Level of knowledge:
    Measure the knowledge base of a group.
  • Attitudes and opinions:
    Conduct opinion polls on various topics.
  • General information and research:
    Conduct timely and in-depth research on a wide variety of topics.

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Confidentiality Statement – All meetings and surveys are the property of the meeting/survey owners. If you have any request for meeting information please contact the meeting/survey owners directly.