GDC History

The Group Decision Center at NDSU opened its doors in 1998 with the help of Cargill, a major corporate partner. The technology laboratory located in the union in what is now known as the Mandan consisted of 24 computers, a network server, a lead station and a Proxima projector. With the new laboratory came new opportunities for students, faculty and staff. They were now able to use the Electronic Meeting Tool for demonstrations and short meetings.

Today, the GDC is located at the Family Life Center and has been updated to include 40 laptop computers and a wireless network. The software was updated adding the ability to conduct more complex electronic meetings, online surveys and virtual meetings.

At NDSU the focus of the GDC applications enhances the land grant mission of NDSU — teaching, research, administration and outreach at the same time as it broadens Cargill visibility on campus and off campus.

GDC Timeline