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NDSU Identity Fraud/Theft



This site provides suggestions for protecting your personal information and monitoring your personal credit. Within this site, you will find links to state and federal resources that provide you with additional information.

No matter how vigilant the University is, there is always the possibility of security breaches in computer systems in which personal information can become compromised. These breaches can be caused through a number of ways: faculty security software, hackers, or breaches through contracted third-party vendors. Documents containing names, addresses, and social security numbers for NDSU students, faculty and staff can be potentially viewable via the Internet. If such incidences ever occur, the University will take immediate steps to remove the information from the Internet, including requesting Internet search engines to remove the information from their servers so that it could no longer be viewed.

Those records which are high risk for such security breaches are:

  • Student information, including student registration records, transcripts and loan data.
  • NDSU human resource and payroll records.
  • Graduate School records, which include completed applications for admission, records of graduate degrees conferred, and grade transcripts.

NDSU wishes to make anyone who may ever be affected aware of actions that can be taken to minimize potential risk of identity theft.


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Last Updated: Thursday, June 11, 2009