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Intellectual Property




Confidentiality Agreement

Agreement where a "Disclosing Party" may disclose to a "Recipient" certain proprietary, confidential information, materials, know-how, samples and other data (technical and non-technical). All such information which is in writing and marked "Confidential," or disclosed orally and confirmed in writing as confidential within 30 days, is referred to as "Confidential Information."

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Agreement where the Disclosure warrants and represents that the Disclosure possesses all necessary powers, rights, and authority to lawfully make the disclosure subject to this agreement.



Assignment of Copyright

Agreement between NDSU ("University") and the Author. The Author represents and warrants that he/she has created a Work, and holds complete and individual copyright interest to the Work. For valuable consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Author and University agree as set forth in this agreement.

Assignment of Copyright - Work Made for Hire Agreement

Author represents and warrants that Author has created the Work, which was designed and created for the University [a specific department], and which Work is a Work Made for Hire for the University as the employer.

Copyright Certification

United States Copyright Law make a violation of others' copyright rights illegal and provides significant sanctions against persons who violate those rights. This form allows a person to certify that they have not knowingly violated another's copyright rights.

Copyright Fair Use for Educators

Copyright fair use is one of those areas where everyone has an opinion about it, but nobody is really sure what it is! The most widespread exception to copyright infringement is the law of fair use which advances the public policy of spreading knowledge, particularly in the areas of teaching, scholarship and research.

National Institute of Health Public Access Policy

As of April 7, 2008, the NIH Public Access Policy went into effect. What this policy does, is ensure that published research done through NIH funding is made available for public access through PubMed Central, which is a free digital archive.

Patents, Trademarks & CopyrightsNational Paralegal College courseware information

Speaker Release and Assignment of Copyright

Permission to NDSU to record voice and visual representation, including any PowerPoint or other written materials, for on-line streaming on the Internet, and to achieve same for subsequent access and playback.

Links to Copyright Tutorials:

Brigham Young University: "Copyright 101"

Brigham Young University's Copyright Licensing Office offers this on-line tutorial which covers the basics of copyright, fair use, and how to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.

University of Texas: "Copyright Crash Course"

The University of Texas offers this on-line tutorial, which covers how ownership of copyrighted materials works, fair use, and how to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.

Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement

Agreement where NDSU will supply material to a recipient for purposes as stated in the agreement.

Sponsored Research Agreements

Sponsored Research Agreement

Agreement between NDSU and a specific corporation or business for the purpose of the University pursuing research, the sponsor willing to sponsor the research, where the sponsor desires to obtain certain rights, patents, and technology from the research, and the University is willing to grant such rights, patents and technology.

Sponsored Research Agreement - Jointly Owned IP

Similar to the Sponsored Research Agreement, only more geared toward the Intellectual Property aspect.

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