Department of Geosciences
North Dakota State University



Thanks to the generosity of industry and the department's alumni and friends, scholarship support is available to support our undergraduate program.

GeoAlumni Scholarship
A scholarship of $500 to the Geology major at the senior level with the highest academic standing. Funds provided by alumni and friends of the Department of Geosciences.

2014: Kilynn Sandberg
2013: Darin Slusher
2012: Lane Folkers
2011: Chad Crotty and Kelsey Forward
2010: Michael Ginsbach
2009: not awarded
2008: Sharon Brozo
2007: Andrew Podoll
2006: Todd Morken
2005: Michael D. Wright
2004: Mike Nelson
2003: K.C. Vorthmann
2002: Carson Rittel

Agassiz Scholarship
The Glossary of Geology and a $250 cash scholarship are given by the Lake Agassiz Rock Club to a geology major at the junior level on the basis of scholastic achievement.

2014: Benjamin Munson
2013: Jordan Cahill
2012: Ashley Breiland and David Mueller
2011: Lane Folkers
2010: Kelsey Forward
2009: Chad Crotty
2008: Richard Thomasson
2007: Kelly Gorz
2006: Andrew Podoll
2005: Todd Morken
2004: Michael D. Wright
2003: Dan Weihrauch
2002: K.C. Vorthmann

Brophy Family Scholarship
One $250 scholarship given to the outstanding geology major at the sophomore level with funds provided by John & Margaret Brophy and friends.

2014: Albert Amos and Jackie Wrage
2013: Kristen Lorenz
2012: Kilynn Sandberg
2011: Darin Slusher
2010: Lane Folkers
2009: Michael Ginsbach
2008: Nicholas Sharp
2007: Richard Thomasson
2006: not awarded
2005: Andrew Podoll
2004: Troy Kummer
2003: Jennifer Thorstad
2002: Sarah Gregor and Dan Weihrauch

"Green Hammer" Scholarship
A geological hammer and a $200 scholarship to the outstanding geology major at the first-year level.

2014: Sean Ternes and Aurora Obembe
2013: Gabriel Ferragut and Cheyanne Jacobs
2012: Kristen Lorenz
2011: Jessica Damlo
2010: Ashley Breiland and Darin Slusher
2009: Kelsey Forward
2008: Rani Egeland
2007: Jeffery Dunham
2006: Richard Thomasson
2005: Nicholas Low
2004: Todd Morken
2003: Roark Franklund
2002: Jennifer Thorstad

Brophy Scholarship
A $300 scholarship given to the student who submitted the most outstanding report for Field Geology with funds provided by John & Margaret Brophy and friends.

2013: Ashley Breiland
2011: not awarded
2009: not awarded
2007: Todd Morken
2005: Damion Knudsen
2002: Kolter Hartmann