Governor's Schools of North Dakota

Summer 2009

Mr Lonnie Hass- Director

Mr Larry Taylor-Mathematics

Ms Marie Miller - Science

Mr Nem Schlecht -Computer Science

Mr Nathaniel Booth- Visual Arts Coordinator

Ms Cindy Nichols- English Studies Coordinator


Mathematics Department Home Page

Governor Schools INFORMATION

General                           English Studies

Student Work                         Fuzzy Logic, Tune In, and Pandora's Magazine: Online Zines by Students of the Three-Week Program in English Studies.


Fine Arts

Hiatus An Online Magazine by Evening Fine Arts Creative Writing Students


Individual weeks schedules

Week one

L and L week 1                       LLwk1.doc

Math week 1                           mathwk1.pdf

Sci week 1                               sciwk1.pdf  

Visual arts week 1                  vawk1a.pdf

Infor. Tech. & Management  csmwk1.pdf


Week Two

Visual Arts week 2               vawk2.pdf

Math Week 2               vawk2.pdf

L & L Week 2               LandLwk2.pdf

Sci Week 2               Sciwk2.htm

Infor Tech & Management               csmwk2.pdf

Week Three

Math week               mathwk3.pdf

Infor Tech & Management               csmwk3.pdf

L & L week 3               LandLwk3.pdf

Visual arts week 3               vawk3.pdf

Sci Week 3               Sciwk3.htm

Week Four

L & L week 4               LandLwk4.pdf

Infor Tech & Management                  csmwk4.pdf

Sci Week 4               sciwk4.pdf

Visual Arts Week 4               vawk4.pdf

Math week 4               mathwk4.pdf

Week Five

Infor Tech & Management               csmwk5.pdf

L &L week 5               LandLwk5.pdf

Sci Week 5               sciwk5.pdf

Visual Arts Week 5               vawk5.pdf

Math Week 5<               mathwk5.pdf

Week Six

L &L week 6               LandLwk6.pdf

Sci Week 6               sciwk6.pdf

Infor Tech & Management               csmwk6.pdf

Math Week 6               mathwk6.pdf

Visual Arts Week 6               vawk6.pdf





Home for the Fourth

Weekend 3 student list and places                     2009 Service Day Students list.pdf        L&L Service Sat 2009.pdf




Art work





Pictures and News    



English 1.pdf

Can you do this?                       LLpic1.jpg

Talent show                  Talent 1.jpg                  Talent2.jpg                   Talent 3.jpg

Service                         YMCA.jpg

Play time                      Games.jpg

Travel               Guthrie 1.jpg                Pizza Hut.jpg

Class                            Math.jpg

GS 3weeks Nice.JPG

GS 3weeks Silly.JPG

Group Photo                Group photo.jpg

Group with missing Pic              Group photo 3.jpg

Staff Pictures

David C.jpg

Lindsay B.jpg


Maggie L.jpg


David B.jpg



Breanna Team.JPG

David B Team.JPG

David C Team.JPG

Justin Team.JPG

Lindsay Team.JPG

Maggie Team.JPG

Nicole Team II.JPG

Over All Schedule


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